Bere Regis Parish Councillors

A vacancy exists for the position of Parish Councillor – details can be found at:

Notice of Vacancy

If you are over 18 and live or work in the parish and would like to get involved with the future development of your community, please contact the Clerk.

You can find all of the Parish Councillors for Bere Regis below, along with any additional responsibilities they may have.



Contact Details

Amanda Crocker Parish Clerk 01935 83454
Ian Ventham Chairman 01929 471480
Robin Pitcher Environment and Facilities 01929 472151
Laurie Fairhurst Planning & Housing,
Rights of Way
01929 471507
Peter Wharf Dorset Councillor 01929 472246
Bryan Benjafield Vice Chairman
PR Officer
07969 770890
Phil Morgan Police, Traffic & Roads
Cathryne Packham Children & Youth
Tony Bates Environment 01929 471563
Simon Munnings Neighbourhood Plan 01929 472609
Brenda House Community Liaison 01929 471255
Moira Mathers 07900 906278

Further information may be found on