Neighbourhood Plan – September 2018 Update

The Public Consultation period has now passed and we are very grateful to all those who took the time to complete the questionnaire. The queries raised have all been reviewed and many of you raised the same issues. These issues have now been drawn together and, we hope, answered in an update of the Frequently Asked Questions which can be found by clicking: FAQs – June – 2018 consultation.

The Plan has also been amended to take into account some of the points raised and it has now been forwarded to Purbeck District Council who will begin their statutory 6 week consultation period during the coming week. This will give everyone another chance to comment should they wish to do so.

The final version of the Neighbourhood Plan can be found here: Bere Regis Neighbourhood Plan Final Version (September 2018)

Neighbourhood Plan – June 2018 Consultation

We have now begun the 6 week period for Public Consultation on the final draft version of our Neighbourhood Plan. The final draft plan can be found below:

Our consultation event is being held on Saturday, 23rd June where you can come along and see paper copies of the final draft plan and discuss this with councillors. A questionnaire will be available to complete on the day. Alternatively it can be completed online here:

Once the 6 week public consultation has finished, we will make any minor changes to the Plan as required before it’s then submitted to Purbeck District Council for their approval. This is all leading up to a Parish Referendum on accepting the Neighbourhood Plan which will hopefully take place in May 2019, to coincide with Local Elections for the new Unitary Authority.

Supporting Evidence for Neighbourhood Plan (June 2018)

The Supporting Evidence shown below is provided in conjunction with the latest draft Neighbourhood Plan. It has been updated in line with the changes made to the Neighbourhood Plan, originally published in November/December 2017.

Text Ref

Document Download

SE1 Consultation Statement
SE2 Population Appraisal
SE3 Housing Census Data
SE4 Census Data 2011 – Vehicle Ownership
SE5 Census Data 2011 – Employment and Socio-economic Profile
SE6 Census Data 2011 – Education Profile
SE7 Historic Environment Statement
SE8 Conservation Area Appraisal
SE9 Map of Land Designations
SE10 Settlement Boundary Amendments Explained
SE11 Noise Attenuation Plan
SE12 Housing Needs Survey
SE13 Housing Site Selection
SE14 Areas of Open Space
Other Sustainability Appraisal

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National Planning Policy Framework

Purbeck Local Plan Part 1 (PLP1)

Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Neighbourhood Plan – Supporting Evidence Dec 2017

Bere Regis Parish Council
Supporting Evidence for Neighbourhood Plan (December 2017)

This Supporting Evidence has now been superseded. Please see the Main Neighbourhood Plan Page for the latest documents and updates.

The Supporting Evidence shown below is provided in conjunction with the draft Neighbourhood Plan

Text Ref

Document Download

SE1 Conservation Area Appraisal
SE2 Consultation Statement
SE3 Planning Policy NW from PLP1
SE4 to 9 Census Data 2011
Population Profile
Car Ownership
Socio-economic Profile
Education Profile
SE10 Historic Environment Statement
SE11 Business & Employment in Bere Regis
SE12 Housing Site Selection Process
SE13 Housing Needs Survey
SE14 Nitrogen Reduction in Poole Harbour
SE15 Purbeck Groundwater Flood Risk Policy
SE16 Noise Attenuation Plan
SE17 Poole and Purbeck Town Centre, Retail and Leisure Study – November 2016   Link to follow
SE18 Bere Regis Areas of Open Space

Other useful links

National Planning Policy Framework

Purbeck Local Plan Part 1 (PLP1)

Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Neighbourhood Plan – November 2017 Update

This Draft Neighbourhood Plan on this page has now been superseded. Please see the Main Neighbourhood Plan Page for the latest documents and updates.

Saturday 11th November saw 160 people attending the consultation meeting in the School Hall. Ian Ventham first gave a presentation about the key points of the plan, followed by a question and answer session. The full presentation can be viewed by clicking: Presentation 11.11.17 

Parishioners then had the opportunity to look at various plans and engage with the parish councillors about some of the detail.

Inevitably, most interest was focused on the development sites and the number and mix of housing in the proposals. Generally, most parishioners appeared to be reasonably content with the proposals, sometimes with understandable concerns about the impact of construction traffic and increased traffic movements that any new development will bring. Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and the respective responses can be found here: FAQs

Copies of the draft plan, which outlines the 5 sites being proposed for about 105 new houses, can be found here: Bere Regis NPlan DRAFT 

The next steps are for the Plan to be formally examined, then we hope to hold a final consultation and a referendum in the Spring of 2018.

All previous updates, and further information can be found on the main Neighbourhood Plan page.

Neighbourhood Plan – January 2017 Update

After many months waiting for an agreement in principle from the main landowner, we have finally received notification and are able to proceed with the Plan.

One of the first steps was to have Habitat Surveys carried out for each of the main sites and these can be found: Back LaneNorth Street, and White Lovington. This is only the first step. Should any development go ahead in the future, each developer would be required to undertake a detailed survey.

Questionnaire Overview – Jan 2015

A very warm thank you is due to the 181 households, representing 325 individuals, who completed and returned their questionnaires in November. This has given us the very helpful views of about 25% of the population of the parish. All your responses and comments have now been analysed.

By now all households in the parish will have received a letter from the Parish Council giving an overview of the questionnaires returned and answering some of the questions and comments raised. Both the letter, and the comments and queries raised are reproduced below. We will be holding another village meeting in the near future and will advertise the date as soon as this is organised.

Neighbourhood Plan Survey Feedback Letter 21-Jan-2015
Comments and Queries from questionnaire

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire – Nov 2014

November 2014 Update

The next stage of the Neighbourhood Plan is now here. There is a follow-up questionnaire that we would like as many residents as possible to answer. There is an online version provided here, or, alternatively, a paper copy can be completed and returned to any Parish Councillor, or left in drop boxes found at the shop, Post Office, or Doctor’s Surgery.

Before starting the questionnaire, please read the covering letter, and view the accompanying map first.


*** Current Literature and Important Information ***
Covering Letter – November 2014
Accompanying Map – November 2014
Paper Questionnaire – November 2014

Questionnaire Results – Dec 2012

The results are now available for the Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire that was available in September 2012. The questionnaires have now been returned and analysed and those villagers who attended the open meeting on the 8th December were able to see the results. For those who were not able to attend, you can view the presentation by following this link:

Presentation of Survey Results – November 2012

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire – Sep 2012

A newly designed Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire is now available to complete online. Before completing the questionnaire please read the documents highlighted below, which aim to answer any questions you may have, and provide you with all the current facts relating to the Bere Regis Neighbourhood Plan. You can access the questionnaire here:

Bere Regis Neighbourhood Plan Online Questionnaire (Now offline)

*** Current Literature and Important Information ***
Introductory Letter
Frequently Asked Questions
Neighbourhood Plan Map
Paper Questionnaire