Community Hall

May 2017

We need help to take this project forward.

Following the Parish Council’s endorsement of the initial work of the Bere Regis Community Hall Working Group (see the report on the ‘Projects’ page), the next stages of work on this important project for a new Community hall to replace the Drax Hall are now underway.

A Community Hall sub-group of the Parish Council has been set up to act as a steering group, with two working groups doing the bulk of the work. One working group is tasked with looking at funding issues. The other working group will look at property, legal, site selection and design matters.

It would be very helpful for someone with a legal background to sit on the latter working group or be available to answer queries. If you are able to help with this or have any questions or suggestions about the project, please contact Mike Gee at

January 2017

The Working Group have now completed the first phase of the project and the full report can be found by clicking on Projects in the menu bar or follow the link below:

BRISCFWG Hall Report Findings Jan 2017

August 2016

The Bere Regis Indoor Sports and Community Facility Working Group would like to thank all those who responded to the recent survey. The Group received responses from approximately 250 households in the Parish (just over 30% of the total). These responses have provided the Group with lots of valuable information about what local residents would like to see. Over the next few months the Group will be analysing the responses to the survey, examining the need for a new facility, what facilities might be provided in any new facility, the likely costs and possible sites. To ensure a wide breadth of knowledge and views, representatives from a number of village groups and organisations sit on the Working Group (including the Sports Club, the Drax Hall, the Parish Church, the School and the Scouts). The Working Group will complete its work by preparing a report for the Parish Council to consider the need, and support within the community, for a new indoor sports and community facility. Further details of the work of the Group will appear in the Parish magazine and on the village Facebook page. If you have any questions about the work of the Group or any thoughts or comments, please contact Mike Gee –

July 2016 Survey 

The Bere Regis Indoor Sports and Community Facility Working Group, have been asked to advise the Parish Council on whether there is a need, and support within the community, for development of a new indoor sports and community facility.

They have surveyed the managers and users of all the meeting places in Bere Regis. They told us that they are generally happy with the existing venues, with the exception of the Drax / Village Hall which has some limitations due to its age, size and layout.

They are sending a survey to every household in Bere Regis Parish and need you to reply to help decide what will happen. Your answers will enable them to gauge public demand for any new hall, the way in which it is likely to be used and the facilities it might provide. So tell us what you think, as your opinion counts.

The survey can be found here:

Indoor Sports and Community Facility Survey (survey is now complete)