Minutes of Bere Regis Parish Council Meetings

Members of the press and public are welcome and a short period for democratic discussion is held at the beginning of every meeting.

In May each year, prior to the Annual Parish Council Meeting, the Annual Parish Meeting is held. Although chaired by the incumbent Chair of the Parish Council, this is not a Parish Council meeting but an opportunity for residents of the Parish to discuss any points they wish that affect the parish. The agenda for the 2024 meeting can be found by following the link:

Annual Parish Meeting 2024

Following the Annual Parish Meeting of each year, we hold an Annual Parish Council Meeting at which, in a non-election year, the Chair and Vice Chair step down and new members are elected. The outgoing Chair provides a report on the events and work of the Parish Council during their year in office. In an election year, such as 2024, all members of the Parish Council will have stepped down and, those who were voted back into office, take up their posts from the 7th May. The new Chair and Vice Chair are then voted into office at the next meeting – the Annual Parish Council Meeting – the agenda for which can be found by following the link in the list below.

For a list of the forthcoming agendas for regular Parish Council meetings, or the most recent set of minutes please see below.




Agenda – January 2024 11th January 2024
Agenda – February 2024 8th February 2024
Agenda – March 2024 14th March 2024
Agenda – April 2024 11th April 2024
May 2024 Annual Parish Council meeting Annual Parish Council Meeting 14th May 2024
Agenda – June 2024 June 13th 2024
Agenda – July 2024 11th July 2024
Agenda – August 2024 8th August 2024
Agenda – September 2024 12th September 2024
Agenda – October 2024 10th October 2024
Agenda – November 2024 14th November 2024
Agenda – December 2024 12th December 2024

You can find more minutes of the council’s meetings dating back to 1980 in our archive.

Copies of the District and County Reports can be found here.