County and District Reports

Peter Wharf is both the County and District Councillor for Bere Regis. He holds surgeries on the first Saturday of each month in the communal lounge of Turberville Court between 9.30 am and 10 am. A Parish Councillor usually attends the meeting so it represents an ideal opportunity for residents to ask any questions they may have on parish, district or county matters.

District Councillor’s Reports

January 2014; February 2014; March 2014; April 2014; May 2014; July 2014August 2014, September 2014; October 2014; November 2014; December 2014

January 2015;

County Councillor’s Reports

 January 2014; February 2014; March 2014May 2014; July 2014; August 2014September 2014, November 2015: August 2016: October 2016: December 2016: January 2017