Neighbourhood Plan – September 2018 Update

The Public Consultation period has now passed and we are very grateful to all those who took the time to complete the questionnaire. The queries raised have all been reviewed and many of you raised the same issues. These issues have now been drawn together and, we hope, answered in an update of the Frequently Asked Questions which can be found by clicking: FAQs – June – 2018 consultation.

The Plan has also been amended to take into account some of the points raised and it has now been forwarded to Purbeck District Council who will begin their statutory 6 week consultation period during the coming week. This will give everyone another chance to comment should they wish to do so.

The final version of the Neighbourhood Plan can be found here:
Bere Regis Neighbourhood Plan Final Version (September 2018)

The Supporting Evidence shown below is provided in conjunction with the final version of the Neighbourhood Plan. It has been updated in line with the changes made to the Neighbourhood Plan, following the consultation period in June 2018.

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SE1 Bere Regis Parish Plan
Bere Regis Parish Plan Action Points
SE2 Consultation Statement
SE3 Population Appraisal
SE4 Housing Census Data
SE5 Census Data 2011 – Vehicle Ownership
SE6 Census Data 2011 – Employment and Socio-economic Profile
SE7 Census Data 2011 – Education Profile
SE8 Historic Environment Statement
SE9 Conservation Area Appraisal
SE10 Map of Land Designations
SE11 SE11 Settlement Boundary Maps
SE12 Settlement Boundary Amendments Explained
SE13 Noise Impact Assessment
SE14 Housing Needs Survey
SE15 Housing Site Selection
SE16 Areas of Local Green Space
SE17 Who we consulted

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