Neighbourhood Plan – Supporting Evidence Dec 2017

Bere Regis Parish Council
Supporting Evidence for Neighbourhood Plan (December 2017)

This Supporting Evidence has now been superseded. Please see the Main Neighbourhood Plan Page for the latest documents and updates.

The Supporting Evidence shown below is provided in conjunction with the draft Neighbourhood Plan

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SE1 Conservation Area Appraisal
SE2 Consultation Statement
SE3 Planning Policy NW from PLP1
SE4 to 9 Census Data 2011
Population Profile
Car Ownership
Socio-economic Profile
Education Profile
SE10 Historic Environment Statement
SE11 Business & Employment in Bere Regis
SE12 Housing Site Selection Process
SE13 Housing Needs Survey
SE14 Nitrogen Reduction in Poole Harbour
SE15 Purbeck Groundwater Flood Risk Policy
SE16 Noise Attenuation Plan
SE17 Poole and Purbeck Town Centre, Retail and Leisure Study – November 2016   Link to follow
SE18 Bere Regis Areas of Open Space

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