About Neighbourhood Plan

The Government has adopted a new approach to the way in which local communities can decide how their area should be developed in the future. This is called Localism.

For the first time we, as a whole parish, can make important decisions about our community and our facilities. We can influence development proposals. We can make our needs for more affordable and market housing known. We can indicate where houses should be built. We can also make provision for appropriate educational, leisure, recreational and tourist based facilities in the future.

To achieve this we must create a Neighbourhood Plan, which will;

  • Help us to influence the environment around us
  • Give us control over development throughout the parish
  • Show what facilities we want, and where they should be located. These may include roads, paths, houses, businesses, schools, open spaces, allotments, recreational and leisure facilities.

To do this the whole community needs to become involved. The Neighbourhood Plan is a parish wide project that requires input from as many residents as possible. Ideally everyone should contribute ideas and opinions.

How do I contribute or become involved?

  • Come along to our Community Sessions at the Bere Regis Forum and other meetings.
  • Talk to any of your Parish Councillors.
  • Look for our displays at local events and talk to the Neighbourhood Plan team.
  • Check our website for news and updates.

How are we developing this plan?

  • We will be writing to all households to find out the type and amount of housing needed over the coming years.
  • We will be running a series of displays at local events for people to see what is being discussed and make comment.
  • We will talk to local groups and societies to make them aware of the issues and seek their views.
  • We hope to address schools and youth groups.
  • We will then publish the draft plan and consult with you again. Remember – this is your plan and your views are important!

For the latest updates regarding the Bere Regis Neighbourhood Plan, please see here.