The Queen’s 90th Birthday Beacons – 21st April 2016

There is a long and unbroken tradition in our country of celebrating Royal jubilees, weddings, coronations and special birthdays with the lighting of beacons. The last major beacon lighting celebration was on Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on 4th June 2012 and the village came out in force to have a wonderful family day at the Sports Ground.

There will be a further opportunity to celebrate on Thursday 21st April, when beacons will be lit throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and UK Overseas Territories to celebrate The Queen;s 90th birthday and Bere Regis will be part of that celebration, with our beacon being lit in line with the other 255 local communities and organisations around the country.

The official Guide can be found by clicking Queen’s 90th birthday beacons. Watch the Facebook page and notice boards for more information about this event.