Common Land Exchange

Dorset County Council proposes to construct a new access drive to link Southbrook to the new Bere Regis Primary School site. The route of the drive is across Souls Moor to the north of Egdon Close on registered common land owned by the Parish Council. The new drive will be unfenced, unlit, will be used only by school staff, essential delivery  and service vehicles, and will include a designated footway which will be open for public pedestrian use.

Bere Regis Parish Council, as land owner, will be making an application to the Planning Inspectorate to deregister the area of common land directly affected by the drive and exchange it for another area owned by the Parish Council adjacent to Elder Road, which will be registered as common land. The areas affected are shown on the map which can be accessed by following the link: Bere Regis Common land exchange plan 14-41 (1)

Dorset County Council is carrying out this consultation exercise on behalf of the Parish Council and would welcome any comments you wish to make by 17th September 2014. Your correspondence will be treated as public information and may be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate as part of the determination process.  Please address your comments to C Eversden, Senior Project Manager, Dorset Property, Dorset County Council, Princes House, Princes Street, Dorchester DT1 1TP.