Rules, Regulations and Accounts

The Parish Council is governed by a series of Standing Orders and Financial Regulations 2019. These are reviewed annually and amended as new statutes or regulations come on line.

In December of each year, the Finance Committee of the Parish Council drafts a proposal for the following year’s budget. Once the projected expenses are deducted from the projected income, a shortfall will be left. The money required to cover this shortfall is known as the Precept and, in January of each year, the Parish Council applies to the District Council for this money. It is the Precept that forms part of your Council Tax bill. The Precept is paid in 2 equal installments – in April and September.

To view the coming year’s budget, please follow the link – Budget Comparison 2021/2022. When viewing the schedule, please note that the figures in the ‘Actual’ column represent the income and expenditure at the time the report was produced – in this case January 2021. This figure will, of course, change by the year end – 31st March 2021 and a final set of figures will then be available within the 3 year budget tracker.

To view the last 3 years’ budgets, please follow the link – 3 Year Budget Tracker

Each year, as part of the budget, the Parish Council sets aside a small amount of money that local groups and organisations can call upon for donations. As a Parish Council, we cannot make donations to individuals, it must be to a group. For details of the Grant scheme and an application please follow this link: Grants criteria and application form.

The accounts are audited each year by an internal examiner and then by external auditors PKF Littlejohn, based in London. The year runs until the 31st March each year and the Parish Council produces an Annual Statement for auditing. Following the introduction of the Transparency Code in April 2016, the following links will take you to entries showing the Annual Income & Expenses, the Annual Accounts Statement, the Annual Governance Statement, the list of expenses in excess of £100 and the bank reconciliation for each year. Once the audit has been finalised, a Notice of Conclusion of Audit is issued.

The Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability Return for Bere Regis Parish Council is now available for 2021. See
Accounts for the Year End 31st March 2021

Accounts for previous years can be found below:

Accounts for the Year End 31st March 2020
Accounts for the Year End 31st March 2019
Accounts for the Year End 31st March 2018
Accounts for the Year End 31st March 2017
Accounts for 2014 to 2016