Jubilee Celebrations and Commemorative Stone Signs

It has now been some time since many residents contributed to the Commemorative Stone Signs and we had hoped to have them all installed by now. Unfortunately, the weather has upset our plans and all the quarries are currently under water following the severe rainfall throughout the last few months. Luckily, two of the stones had been worked on prior to the worst of the rain and, with the exception of the inscriptions, are now more or less complete.

At the June meeting of the Parish Council, it was agreed that the two completed stones would be used for the Royal Oak site and the Milborne Road site (as these were both full) and they would be put in place as soon as they are ready. The Rye Hill stone will be installed as soon as it is finished. It is hoped that the first two stones will be in place and we will be able to organise an official unveiling some time in September but, as soon as details are known, a note will be sent out to all contributors and posted on the web site and on notice boards.

Thank you for your patience.